1. Foster Innovation: Encourage the cultivation and expression of innovative ideas among aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering an environment conducive to creative thinking and problem-solving.

2. Facilitate Networking: Provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs to connect with established industry leaders, mentors, and fellow innovators, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

3. Enable Access to Investment: Offer opportunities for start-ups to secure crucial funding and investment, facilitating the growth and scalability of promising ventures.

4. Educate and Inspire: Educate and inspire young student entrepreneurs through exposure to real-world entrepreneurship experiences, success stories, and mentorship, empowering them with the knowledge and motivation to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

5. Promote Holistic Development: Support the holistic development of students by equipping them with entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities, and business acumen, enabling them to thrive in both professional and personal capacities.

6. Catalyses Socio-economic Impact: Encourage the development of start-ups with a focus on creating positive social and economic impact, fostering sustainable solutions to address pressing global challenges.